Still Here

by Charlie + Jake

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“your heart is my home”
Still Here was written as a love song, but the meaning of that love has evolved over time.

It is a love that has expanded to embody appreciation, admiration, friendship and warmth towards anyone and everyone: the love for your family, for a top pal, or for that nice cat you met the other day.

It is the love of returning to the place you call home, the place where you belong and where you can feel most at ease. A place where no-one will judge you even for wearing your silliest socks.

It is the love for our own home, and the room that we have fashioned into a music studio: our cosy little space that we have experimented and created in for endless hours. The space that we wrote, recorded and arranged every single thing you can hear in Still Here.

It is also a love that has grown into a heartfelt gratitude for everyone that has supported us so far in so many wonderful ways, big and small. Thanks for being still here!

“do i tell you enough?”
Still Here was almost a year in the making and we have a lot of people to thank for their support and patience.

Callum Given, the wisest and smiliest, for lending us his ears and sharing his glowing words of encouragement.

James Rushworth, the jazziest man in the North, for his fine-toothed comb of insight and a steady reassurance that everything was sounding as it should.

Charlie’s mum and dad for their rousing motivational talks at times of doubt, their invaluable advice at any hour of the day and an incredibly reliable taxi service. But most importantly of all, their outstanding attendance record and boundless enthusiasm as they call for “one more song”!

Jake’s mum and dad for their continual support in any and all aspects of life: musical, visual or otherwise. And lending us a wonderful space to perform in—and of course for feeding Mango halfway through that very concert.

“be still with me”
We hope you love the song. If you take one thing from it, then text a friend you haven’t seen for ages, call your mum and take time to tell everyone you love that they are pretty great. Also, make xylophones out of wine glasses (2:10). That’s fun too.

For Geoff the tortoise and Mango the cat.


released September 28, 2018

Written, performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Charlie + Jake in 2018

Mastered by Matthias Heckmann at Fatcap Mastering Bristol in 2018

Artwork by Charlie + Jake

© and ℗ Charlie + Jake 2018


all rights reserved



Charlie + Jake Bristol, UK

Vocals and multi-instrumental duo, combining powerful, soulful vocals with rich piano to weave stories of love, friendship and sense of place.

Often cute and cheerful, sometimes wandering into the misty and mellow then swiftly dropping into the groovy and sassy to get everyone clapping along again. Every instrument under the sun will be used in loopy chaotic explosions of fun.
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Track Name: Still Here
Still Here
Tell me are you still here?
And could you just be still here?
Be still with me, tell me there’s not reason to leave.

No doubt
Tell me you have no doubt
Wholeheartedly and without
Fear, tell me that you’ll still be here.

Cos at the end of the day,
At the end of the day,
I’m where I belong
And at the end of the day,
At the end of the day,
You can do no wrong where you belong.

Rose tints
And not so subtle hints
That we’re hinged on
What we were back then
But darling tell me this is not the end
No, no tell me this is not the end, darling.

Cos at the end of the day,
At the end of the day,
I’m where I belong.
And at the end of the day,
At the end of the day,
You can do no wrong, where you belong.

Do I tell you enough. Do I tell you enough
You’re the only one?
Do I tell you enough, do I tell you enough
Your heart is my home?
Cos you’re all I’ve ever known.

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